Hotel Bathroom Accessories

Labrazel is excited to offer the finest bath accessories for the hospitality industry. We understand and appreciate the needs of the world’s finest hotels and their desire to outfit their luxurious hotel rooms and suites with only the most exceptional hotel bathroom accessories. The reputation of a hotel rests largely on the atmosphere cultivated through the décor, and we are dedicated to providing the most luxurious hotel collection bath accessories to complete that atmosphere. Our bathroom accessories can be found in luxury hotels throughout North America and around the world. Custom suite collection bath ensembles are expected in the the most beautiful suites and penthouses at these top hotels.

All of our hotel collection bath accessories are meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, resulting in extraordinary items that are made according to time-honored processes. We believe in an uncompromising standard of excellence for all of the materials used to create our hotel bathroom accessories, including beautifully plated chrome and nickel finishes, hand-cut stone and marble, mouth-blown glass, exotic woods, and other luxe materials.

The result: luxurious bath accessories that are equally at home in a five-star hotel and in the finest residences.