Antique Brass Bathroom Accessories

Handcrafted from genuine brass, the warm tones of our antique brass bathroom accessories are sure to enhance the look of any luxury bathroom. Our brass bathroom accessories that feature an antique finish have been meticulously crafted from the finest brass and chemically darkened to create the look of aged brass. Antique brass is an elegant complement to any bathroom setting. Remarkable for its warm gold undertone and soft brown-gray patina, antique brass is a durable material that stands up well to repeated use, guaranteeing that bath accessories made from this metal will last for years.

Like our polished brass bathroom accessories, these antique brass accessories are made from solid brass by metalworking artisans who are at the top of their craft. The same quality European design principles are evident in both the construction of our brass bath accessories and the aesthetics of these items. Extraordinary attention is devoted to every detail of our antique brass accessories in the fabrication process, and nothing less should ever be accepted from bathroom items that bill themselves as uncommon and exceptional.

The same distinctive bronze is used in every soap tray, canister, brush holder, tray, tissue cover and all of the other items in our line of brass bath accessories that feature an antique finish. Gorgeous patinas differ slightly from each special item, so no two sets of brass bathroom accessories are exactly alike. The aging process is carefully administered to guarantee that no product suffers a loss of quality or appearance.

Our antique brass bathroom accessories are more understated, but no less ideal, for a variety of different bathrooms. We have kept proven interior design approaches and theories in mind in our development of the brass choices available in our selection of antique brass accessories. Across the country, buyers have turned to Labrazel for antique brass accessories, because they trust us to provide the same expertly crafted in products in antique brass that we do in our other lines of bath accessories.